Monday, November 15, 2010

Aww Moments

Almost everyone including my family, friends and relatives would asked if Ayra gets along well with her little sis; whether she has ever tried to hit her or show signs of jealousy, etc.

I'm telling you, this girl loves her little sis SO MUCH. She kisses Raina at least 20 times a day, I'm not kidding! She kisses her cheeks, chin, nose, mouth, head, forehead, hands, elbow, knees, feet, everywhere! Pantang nampak Raina, mesti nak cium. Raina doesn't seem to mind tho - she would respond by opening her mouth; at times she would even smiled back.

Sometimes Ayra wants to share the biscuit or packet drink that she's eating/drinking with Raina, or bring her toys and put them beside Raina nak suruh main sama. Cair aku tengok. Ayra is protective of her sis too and nobody can dukung Raina except for the ones she's familiar with. She can't even let Raina out of her sight! The other day, my husband dropped me and Raina at the mall and he told me, as soon as Raina and I got out of the car, Ayra tak berhenti panggil-panggil adik dia sampai la balik. Alahai!

Oh, have I told you that Ayra calls her little sis, "abik"? At first she pronounced adik correctly. Then after some time it went from "adik" to "apik" and now it's "abik"! We've corrected her so many times but she still calls Raina, "abik"! Oh well, nanti dah besar sikit boleh sebut betul-betul kot.

It warms my heart to see the two of them together. I hope the bond between them will grow stronger as they grow older.


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