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Image Consultation + Makeover with Ana

A couple of months ago, Michelle from Nuffnang asked me if I would be interested in an image consultation program. Would I?

Hmm... let's see. I just gave birth, I weigh a ton, my body undergoes major changes (let's not get into details here), I feel so unattractive and fat that I just don't feel like seeing anyone! So yeah, I do feel I need the help of an image consultant!

After a few arrangements, I finally get to meet Ana which was about 2 weeks ago. It was a 2-stage process: personal consultation and a makeover.

The personal consultation was about 2 hours (I wish it was longer!) and during that 2 hours, I learned quite a lot. Ana taught me some tips on how to shop wisely, how to identify a wardrobe investment piece and how to be my own personal shopper. She even told me this, "Your wardrobe is an investment. It's not expenses". I like her already!

Now I know why I always "don't have anything to wear" even tho my wardrobe is overflowing with clothes. I know a lot of women are like that too! *eyeing my sister*. One of the tips Ana gave me is that, when you are unsure or 50-50 about buying something, don't buy it because most likely you will never gonna wear it. And I was like, OMG no wonder I always end up with so many clothes that I only wore once or twice because I used to "just buy them, think later" when I was unsure! Pandai sangat ni! ;p

Ana also analyzed my skin's undertone color. Before having this consultation, I thought there were only 2 skin undertone colors - yellow (warm) and pink (cool). And I thought mine was yellow.

My skin undertone is Red-Violet.

You see, knowing your skin's undertone color is important because then you will know what to look for when shopping for clothes, makeup, even hair color. A flattering shade can give your skin and appearance a healthy glow, but the wrong hue can give you a washed-out appearance. I was told by Ana that I can do both warm and cool colors, so yay for that! Ana even complimented what I wore that day - she said the purple top goes well with my skin's undertone color and the scarf I was wearing just brighten up my eyes. You are so gonna see me wearing this outfit more often, people! LOL. She also gave me another tips: wear a bigger brooch. I'm gonna hunt for big big brooches from now on!

Next was determining my body shape.

I've always thought I'm a pear-shaped but hey, I'm actually an hourglass! Well ok, a big hourglass ;p But the thing about being an hourglass is that no matter how fat you become, you still have a curvy waist - a waist that is smaller than your upper and lower body parts. We then talked about what kind of clothing suits an hourglass shape and also my current clothing style.

Stage 2 of the process is the makeover, which was held at the VIP lounge at Tangs Pavilion (I didn't know they have such thing!).

Bloggers before the makeover.

Ana had preselected a few outfits from Tangs for each of us to try on based on our previous personal consultations. It was like playing dress up!

There were clothes, bags, accessories...

and let's not forget the shoes!

During the personal consultation, I told Ana that my current style is plain tops with printed scarves so she would like me to try on something different than what I'd normally wear - printed dresses and kaftan-style tops with plain scarves.

Some of the outfits that I tried on were:

1) Moon Stone dress (shoes: Martina Pink)
2) Stella Forrest sequin top

You know, I can't help whining "I'm so fat! I'm so fat!" during the whole trying-on session and everyone else was like "No la, you just gave birth!" and "It's okay, you're still in confinement so just enjoy it". I bet they were tired of hearing it. Sorry girls, can't help it! ;p

Anyway at around noon, we had our lunch at Island Bistro. I was starving!

And then the makeover session began! After choosing the outfit that we like, we moved on to hair and makeup. Ana did our makeup and hair was done by Sharon, who is Ana's favorite hair stylist.

Watching the others having their hair done while waiting for my makeup.

My turn!

Ana used a metallic grey eyeliner on me. I like it!

After the makeover.

I have never worn knee-length dresses before (I usually altered them into a top) so this is really something different! Especially because it's printed. And I don't know about you but this kind of style reminds me of Arab ladies. I mean, most Arab ladies that I see usually wear something like this - short-sleeve knee-length dresses worn over long sleeve inner shirts. By the way, the black printed dress that I'm wearing in the pic is from Les Petites Collection and the black cap-toe heels is from Tangs + Co.

This is Huai Bin and Jamie Liew (love the hot pink dress that she wore!).

Their outfits are like Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girls, no?

Anyway, it was fun having an image consultation! And a makeover was what I needed after being stuck at home for a few weeks in confinement. Ana is so nice. She always has nice and positive things to say and that gives me a boost of confidence. I even told her one of my plans and dreams because I wasn't so sure whether to pursue it or not and she encouraged me to listen to my heart and follow my dreams. Thanks Ana!

Besides image consultation, Ana also provides workshops, personal coaching sessions and corporate programs. Check out her blog and Facebook page if you're interested.

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