Monday, August 02, 2010

Whisk me away...

It was a Saturday night. Our date night. Hubby asked what I'd like to eat and I only had one thing on my mind:
I. Want. Dessert!

We left Ayra at my in-laws' house and off we went to Whisk at Empire Shopping Gallery. I wanted to try their Red Velvet Cake as being raved by my sisters and everyone else.

The first time I went to Empire Shopping Gallery, I did notice Whisk but didn't get the chance to give it a visit as we were already leaving. It's a small cozy shop tucked away in a little corner and it reminded me of those coffee shops in Paris.

The tiles kinda look like football, no?
Football yang telah diratakan.

Upon entering the shop, we were greeted by a friendly middle-aged woman. We went straight to the counter where all the cakes and other baked goodies were lined up. As if the woman could read my mind, she said "Red velvet cake dah habis. We only have these left...".

Dang, I was crushed! There were Hummingbird cake, carrot cake, chocolate cake and cupcakes among other things. But I want RED VELVET CAKE! We asked for recommendation (the Hummingbird cake is a hit too, besides red velvet cake) but settled for chocolate cupcake each.

Waiting impatiently for my food.

I was so hungry that I just gobbled up the chocolate cupcake and forgot to "enjoy" the taste and texture of it. All I could remember, it was nice and not too sweet.

I'm not a coffee-person so I ordered err... Ok I forgot the name of this drink.
But it's a sparkling raspberry/strawberry drink - my kinda drink (besides iced teas)!

Of course we ordered something else. It was 8.30pm and we were famished! The chocolate cupcakes were only our starters.

Baked Mushroom Chicken Pasta

Freshly baked pizza. The yummiest!
Even the Chinese couple who sat beside our table said "The pizza looks good. Must try that!"

And 10 pieces of Macarons for dessert. Those 3 flavors were all that was left.
Pistachio (green), Rose (pink) and Lemon Strawberry (yellow). I like Pistachio and Rose.

The food is nice and so are the people. Whisk is a family-run cafe and they're all so warm and friendly! The daughters prepared the food and drinks, the father served them while chit-chatting with all of the customers, and so did the mother. It was like going to a relative house instead of makan kat kedai!

I am definitely going to Whisk again, especially for their Red Velvet Cake. Tak puas hati tak dapat rasa lagi! Maybe I should go there on a weekday...


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