Wednesday, August 25, 2010

When Kakak Meets Adik

Ayra first met her baby sis at the hospital, but only through the nursery window. She didn't understand a thing; I bet she didn't even know what she was looking at.

A day later I was discharged from the hospital. Ayra was still at my in-law's house so hubby went to fetch her while I stayed at home with the baby.

They arrived minutes later. I was nursing the baby at the time. Hubby carried Ayra into the room and placed her slowly on the bed beside me. She saw me holding "something" and came closer to have a look. She was curious.

"This is your sister", I said to her.

Hubby and I waited for her further reaction. Then all of a sudden she smiled and pointed at the baby's eye and said, "Eye!". Uh-huh. We smiled and said, "Pandai!".

And then she pointed at the baby's ear, nose and mouth, lepas tu dia ramas-ramas kepala baby.

"Kiss adik", I said. And she kissed her baby sis on the head.

That went pretty well. She didn't show any signs of jealousy - at least not yet. Every time when I hold the baby, she would come close wanting to point at her baby sis' facial parts and then kiss her head.

She's gonna be an awesome big sister! (just like me. hahaha).


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