Thursday, August 19, 2010

I lost some weight, woo-hoo!

Went for my weekly check up this morning. As usual the nurse checked my blood pressure, urine and my weight. I was surprised I'm 2kg lighter! I mean, how long have we fasted so far?

Only a week. Exactly.
And 2kg in a week is quite an achievement, no?

Of course I'm not on diet. You should see the amount of food I ate masa berbuka. And not to mention, my current addiction to Green Tea Frappucino which I now have every other night, thanks to my brother. But I do notice tho, ever since staying with my parents and being fed with gooood food, I've been having two bowel movements right after taking Herbalife shake for sahur. Like it's eliminating those unwanted toxins or whatever. Maybe that made me lighter.

A little part of me was happy with the weight loss, but a major part of me wasn't sure if losing weight at the very end of pregnancy is a good sign or not because umm... aren't preggers supposed to gain more especially during the final trimester? I was a little worried. Is it possible for babies to lose weight in the womb? What if the baby didn't gain enough weight? Should I eat rice or something else for sahur besides Herbalife shake?

But my worries were put at ease when my OBGYN told me that my baby's development is up to par, Alhamdulillah. She's 3.25kg now compared to 3.1kg last week (altho I know ultrasound scan isn't 100% correct coz last time masa Ayra timbang 3kg, tapi keluar 2.8kg. I don't really care about the numbers because what matters more is that my baby's doing great in there). But that means my baby managed to gain weight even when I'm losing weight! It made me happy for the rest of the day because I never thought I could ever lose weight during pregnancy, what with my way of eating. And I was even happier thinking that insyaallah I won't be gaining more than what I've gained last time.

Just so you know, masa Ayra dulu I gained a whopping 18kg throughout my pregnancy - I never lose any weight (gained ada la) walaupun dapat puasa penuh sebulan. This time at 38+ weeks I've gained 14kg so far. Not much difference but I'm happy. But well, I'm still heavier than before *smiles sheepishly*. I hope I won't reach over 70kg.

I'm secretly hoping I can lose a little more weight sementara dapat puasa lagi ni so that takde la banyak sangat nak lose lepas bersalin nanti. Heh.

p/s: I wish I could say that's my belly in the picture. But it's not.


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