Friday, June 18, 2010

Serves him right! Or does it?

When you read or heard news about a man's genital being cut/sliced/chopped or whatever it is by his wife as a revenge for being raped, abused and whatnot, what is your reaction? Do you feel sorry for the man or do you think he totally deserves it?

Take this news for example: Furious Indian wife slices off husband's penis.

I know what the woman did is inhuman and a serious crime, but I can't help feeling "padan muka kau" for the man.

And I was laughing out loud and even said, "Way to go girl!" to myself when I read this:

.... Lorena went to the kitchen and armed with a carving knife, cut off almost half the man's penis and threw it away in a field.

I am so evil!
Ha ha ha *laughs wickedly*

This is my husband's reaction by the way: "Ooooohhh sakitnya!"


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