Wednesday, May 19, 2010

When Lurve Is In The Air

(This is a 48-hour sticky post, scroll down for updates!)

Have any of you watched this Taking Back My Lurve video?

It's actually a spoof video created by Hamlet's Hero on his Saucy Lurve Affair and OMG it reminds me of how my husband sings! I can't help but laughed out loud when I watched the video. I told my husband, "that's pretty much how you sound like when you sing, except with lyrics yang kacau-bilau!".

There's another video about A Lurve Story of Miao & WafuPafu, created by AkiraCEO.

It's cute alright, but it's a sad one. It's about losing pets. I don't really like sad stories or movies because I don't like to cry or being emotional. I like funny stories, which is why I always prefer romantic comedies over sappy ones when it comes to movies (I don't like Titanic!).

Between those two videos, I enjoyed Hamlet's more because it's funny and well... it reminds me of my husband singing.

You see, my husband likes to sing. But my God when he sings, saya boleh pengsan sebab gelak tak terhingga. Yes, he's not gifted in the singing department but I guess when you lurve someone, you accept his/her flaws. My husband would just bantai the lyrics and sing out of tune dengan confidentnya. He only sings in front of me though. It's just hilarious, almost like the guy who sings in the Taking Back My Lurve video!

The video has a happy ending too. I love happy endings! Dah gaduh-gaduh, baik balik. Doesn't that sound familiar to you? I mean we can't expect everything to sail smoothly in a marriage - there are ups and downs (except the breaking things part. That's a little extreme, no?). But no matter how many arguments you may have with your partner, you should always find a way to compromise because that's what marriages and relationships are all about.

And the best part of fighting?
Making up! ;p

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