Thursday, May 27, 2010

When I was little...

... I used to say "Nak lolo" instead of "Nak susu" when I wanted milk.

... I was afraid of asking permission from my kindergarten teacher to go to the toilet. There was once when I accidentally pooped my pants when everyone else was having lunch. I guess the teacher was pissed off when she saw the "nasty surprise" I left on the bench but couldn't scold me (because I was so innocent) so she washed my bum with Fab powder detergent instead.

... I used to have an imaginary friend whom I remembered looked a lot like Alexis Bledel.

... I had a secret crush on Ultraman.

... I used to think all guys are perverts and I hated them all except my dad, my brother and my future husband. Oh, and Ultraman too. It's kind of funny tho, despite hating all guys I still wanted to get married. And I was only 9!

... One of my classmates used to bully me as I was a new student and asked for my pocket money almost every day. I still remember her name because it's a combination of both my sisters' name.

... I hated school especially during my primary years. I used to hide under my dad's car so that I could miss the school bus but one day my maid saw me and I came up with a lame excuse saying, "Ada katak kejar Along!" (Along is what my family calls me, by the way).

... I used to think that girls can only get married when they have boobs.

... I didn't know when I grew up I would be sharing this with all of you! ;p

What did you do/think/etc when you were little?


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