Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Royal Fish-ness

(This is a 48-hour sticky post, scroll down for updates!)

My husband is a BIG fan of pizza. I like pizza too, but not as much as he does. He loves pizza so much that he could finish off the entire pan on his own when he's really hungry. And he blames me for making him fat! *roll eyes*

Anyway, Pizza Hut just came out with a new pizza and they invited a few bloggers to be among the first ones to try it. The eat out session was at Pizza Hut restaurant in Kota Damansara and it was actually my first time dining there. It's the biggest Pizza Hut I've ever been to!

I knew I should've done something to this Ted Baker top.
The dolman sleeves just made my arms looked bigger than they already are! >_<

The bloggers: (top from left) Huai Bin, KY
(bottom from left) yours truly, Wei Zhi, Audrey and Vivy.

I've met all of them before at blogger events, except for Vivy. At first I thought dia mix dengan mat salleh because she kinda looks like Sharifah Sofea, the actress. So pretty! But she's actually half Chinese and half Malay.

And I like her Miu Miu bag! ;p
(erm that is a Miu Miu bow bag, right? RIGHT?)

We ordered our drinks and as usual I'll opt for anything iced tea - lemon, peach, apple, green tea. I love teas!

My Iced Passion Tea and hubby's Mocha Frappe

I couldn't wait for the pizza to arrive because damn, I was famished! The picture in the menu almost made me salivate.

And then the star of the night finally arrived!

Fish King Pizza

I've always liked creamy-based anything and was delighted that the Fish King pizza is sort of creamy (not tomato based). It's loaded with delicious toppings including crabsticks, roasted capsicums, yellow onions, juicy pineapples and Mozarella cheese on cool lime mayo sauce, and each slice is topped with a chunky fish stick made from specially imported Alaskan Pollock. I don't know what kind of fish an Alaskan Pollock is, but it sure tastes good. My husband had 4 slices of the Fish King pizza!

I have a weakness for cheese. Especially if it's ooey gooey ooohh!

You know, funny thing about being with a bunch of bloggers especially at eat out sessions is that, when it's time to eat, we'll take out our cameras and started snapping pictures like paparazzi instead, even when we're hungry like piranhas. Like this:


The Fish King pizza also comes in cheesy lava stuffed crust

And it's even cheesier!

Hubby chit-chatting with the GM of Pizza Hut.
He's such a friendly man.

I thought we were just gonna have pizzas for dinner (which is why my husband stuffed himself with 4 slices of pizza). But no, one by one food came to our table! It's great tho because I get to taste some of the food that I've never tried before at Pizza Hut.

Tempura King Prawns and Calamari Rings, my favorite!

Smoked Deli Wings

Spaghetti Prawn Olio

Honey BBQ wings and Sweet Spicy wings

Extra large criss-cut fries

Cheese-baked meatballs in Masala sauce

Spaghetti Creamy Carbonara

Assam Boi Fizz, their best-selling drink.
I don't like assam boi so I'm not really a fan of this drink. But others seemed to like it.

This is what happens when there's so many food left
and we don't know what else to do with them.

Hello! How do I look in this new pair of glasses?
Silly? I know right! ;p

We were chit-chatting about something when suddenly someone (forgot who already) asked me about my pregnancy or something. And the others went like "What? You're pregnant?".
I nodded yes and told them I'm 6 months pregnant and they were like, "6 months? Why cannot see one?".

They must be thinking I'm fat, huh. T_T But that's okay because I sometimes forgot that I'm pregnant too and thought I'm buncit. LOL.

Anyways, the new Fish King pizza is available at all Pizza Hut restaurants in Malaysia but only for a limited period of one month (starting from 5th May 2010), so go feast yourself before the Fish King swam away and never return back! And don't forget to participate in the Fish King contest beginning 10th May 2010 if you want to stand a chance to win RM2000 shopping spree! All you need to do is snap a creative pose of yourself with the Fish King Pizza and send it to Pizza Hut.

And not only that, there's also a Pizza Hut contest specially for Nuffnangers too! Simply blog about your Fish King pizza experience whether at your favorite Pizza Hut restaurant or even delivery, with the title "Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut". The 5 most creative blog posts will win RM2000 CASH each from Pizza Hut! For more info about the contest, log on here.

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