Monday, May 24, 2010

Cleaning Makeup Brushes In A Jiffy

I'm about to tell you something quite embarrassing. Yes, quite, because it's not like "I-accidentally-let-out-a-loud-stinky-fart-that-made-the-old-lady-beside-me-jump" kind of embarrassment. In fact it's probably a hundred times less embarrassing than that. But it's still considered as embarrassing to me - in terms of hygiene.

You see, I don't like cleaning. Anything that has to do with cleaning - the dishes, the house, the bathroom, the rubbish, dirty laundry, whatever (except for cleaning myself). It's like my pet peeve. I hardly volunteer to clean things up unless if I had to when there's no one else to do it. But the thing is, I am a clean freak. Or at least my husband said so. Isn't that ironic - a clean freak who doesn't like to clean? I mean, I like and want things to be sparkly clean but I don't like the process of doing it (tell me I'm not the only one here). I wish things can be "magically" cleaned by itself. Or if there's like a remote control to clean anything - just point and clean, or whatever.

Simply put, I'm such a lazy bum! I would try opting for the easiest way possible to get things clean - which is why sometimes I use a vacuum cleaner to clean the floor instead of using a broom. Sedut jer semua, senang!

And when it comes to teeny-weeny stuff, I couldn't be bothered at all. Like cleaning makeup brushes. I've had this makeup brushes for years - 3 years to be exact, and I have only cleaned them for erm... 3 times maybe? Hey at least I cleaned them! :">

I read somewhere that you should clean makeup brushes AT LEAST once a week but really, who does that? ( you?). The whole process seems like a tedious task - pre-rinse the brushes with warm water, apply a shampoo or brush cleaner to bristles, rub the bristles with your fingers for each brush, rinse thoroughly, then rinse again, pat dry with towel and allow to air-dry which usually takes forever! Sometimes I feel like tossing them in the washing machine instead (in a laundry bag of course) and set it on a delicate cycle. But something tells me not to. So all this while I've been using dirty makeup brushes on my face. God knows how many zillions of bacteria my brushes have accumulated by now! >_<

Then one day, I came across a video tutorial by my favorite online makeup guru on how to clean brushes the easy way. It's actually how the MAC people (in the US; not sure if it's the same here) clean their brushes and OMG it is easy! So easy that it doesn't require rinsing which, by the way, is my least favorite part of the whole cleaning thing. The directions say to apply it to damp brushes, rinse well, bla bla bla, but you know, sometimes you don't really have to follow them all.

All you need is a brush cleaner (she used MAC Brush Cleanser so I bought it right away)
and some tissues. And of course, your makeup brushes.

Squirt a little brush cleanser on a piece of folded tissue.

Then take your dirty brush and wipe it on gently.
Use the different sides of the tissue as well (both wet and dry).

You can see the dirt sticking onto the tissue.
And that's it; your brush is clean!

The best part is you don't really have to air-dry them because the MAC Brush Cleanser is alcohol-based so it dries up pretty fast. I actually enjoyed cleaning my makeup brushes now and do it almost every time after I use them, especially for my eye shadow brushes. It's like magic! Of course I still have to make it a habit to really clean them once in a while - rinsing and everything - but at least this is better than not cleaning at all! :)


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