Monday, March 15, 2010

Reading in the Dark

The only reading I do these days is online (no, not eBooks) - besides reading children books to my little girl. I'd be lucky if I can get 5 minutes to read my book without her jumping around, trying to snatch it from me. The only suitable time for me to read is at night when she's asleep... but there was a problem: it's dark. (I like to read books in my bed because that's the only way I can totally immerse myself).

So that is why I opt to "read" online instead. The laptop is well-lit, there's no problem reading in the dark.

But oh how I missed reading books. I used to lock myself in my room and spent a lot of time curling up in my bed with my nose stuck in a book (sometimes with a bag of chocolate chip cookies). I can spend hours just doing that, oblivious to my surroundings. Sometimes I would read the same books over and over and over again, until I had the chance to go to the bookstore to stock up some new books. I didn't have a problem finishing a book in just one day then (if it's a really good book. And then I would go like, "alaa dah habis!").

Now it seems like it would take ages to finish reading just one book. But I thought, hey at least I read! So I picked up some books at Times the other day (3 books for Ayra, only 1 for me). I wanted to make it a habit to read at least 2-3 pages a day. Can you believe I haven't done any book-readings for months? Anyway I decided to start on something light and chick-lit, and found one. It was a book that a blog reader of mine recommended to me awhile ago (thank Rachel!).

The "darkness" problem was still an issue... but not for long! My sweet husband bought this Energizer reading light for me because he knows how much I love reading. It looks pretty much like a street light, no? A cute flexible street light.

It's a white LED light and it's bright enough for me. Now I can read in the dark while my baby's asleep!


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