Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Overused Short-Forms

It really irks me (even my husband) to read sentences that have been drastically short-formed until there are no vowels left in the sentence. Doesn't matter whether in emails, SMSes, blogs, whatever.

For example:

"Kt mn awk bl tu? Sy try cr tp x jmp"
(Kat mana awak beli tu? Saya try cari tapi tak jumpa)

Most of the time I won't bother reading the whole thing because the typer didn't bother to type the whole thing. One or two short-formed words in a sentence is okay. Or the common ones like "yg" (yang), "kpd" (kepada), "dgn" (dengan), etc. Tapi kalau sampai almost semua sekali nak short form, baik tak payah type langsung. Rimas nak baca!

Kalau "Assalamualaikum" panjang sangat, type Salam sudah...
Ni jadi Aslm la, aslmkm la, askum la. Entah apa-apa. Baik type "Hi" jer.


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