Tuesday, March 30, 2010

50 Things I Like To Do

The other day I was feeling bored out of my mind, I felt like screaming! It was 8-ish o'clock on a Saturday night - I want to go out! I want to do something. Anything!

But my husband was tied up with work so he told me to make a list of 50 things that I like to do instead. Bleurgh. I felt like screaming even more than before!

Writing a list of things was the last thing I wanted to do, but I did it anyway (when he was out of my sight) because... it's not like I know what else to do. And okay, it was actually quite fun. It seemed kind of hard to come up with such a long list at first but once I started writing, it just came out pouring.

The things you like to do don't necessarily need to be your hobbies; just little things that make you happy like a nice chat over the phone with your bestie, trying new recipes, watching your favorite TV shows, enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate with your partner at your favorite cafe, experimenting with makeup, sing along to your favorite song, etc etc.

So the next time you're feeling bored, list down the 50 things that you like to do. You'd be surprised to find so many things that you actually like to do and haven't been doing in awhile!


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