Thursday, January 14, 2010

Women spend 3,276 hours to get ready

Sometimes I think it's unfair that men can get ready in just 2 minutes and still look good. They don't exfoliate. They don't wear makeup. They don't need to figure which bag and shoes go with their outfit, which scarf matches their top, which fragrance to wear. They don't spend hours styling their hair bcoz apparently the messier the hair, the cuter. We women on the other hand, need to put a lot of effort to look fabulous. It's so unfair!

I don't know you ladies but I need at least an hour to get ready. Ok, maybe two. I can get ready in 2 minutes - if I don't mind looking like a drab (which I sometimes do, if it's only to my PIL's house). But most of the time, I need 1-2 hours.

Deciding what to wear is the toughest and most time-consuming part. At least for me. It can take up to an hour! I would go through all the clothes in my closet, take out all the "possibilities", try them on, parade in front of the mirror, take them off and try on a different one, go through the clothes in my closet again, try them on... the cycle goes on until I found the right thing to wear. It's tiring. None of those would've happened if I knew exactly what I wanna wear - which rarely happens. (Men, when women say "I don't have anything to wear", we actually mean we don't have anything new to wear).

And then comes makeup. I'm pretty quick at applying makeup, if I may say so myself. But my husband thinks I took hours. I so not! I timed myself and walla - it only took me 15 minutes to do a full makeup, complete with eyeshadows, blusher and everything. That's quick, no?

How long it takes to wear a scarf depends on how my scarf behaved that day. Sometimes it only took a few minutes, sometimes half an hour. Next - deciding which bag and shoes to wear. And perfume. I'm telling you, having more than 20 bottles of perfumes really doesn't help to speed things up.

And just as I'm about to spray my perfume, my husband walks into the room, puts on his clothes, briskly runs his fingers through his hair (with hair clay), spritz on perfume and before you know it, he's all done!

But I guess it's normal for women to get ready in 2 hours, and men only in 2 minutes. According to this, the time women spend putting on make up and getting dressed works out at 3,276 hours over their lifetimes while men only devote 1,092 hours to looking their best. Uh-huh.


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