Sunday, January 03, 2010

My 1st Video Shoot

I have always known as the shyest in my family, the shyest in my class, the shyest among my friends. Senang cerita, I am a VERY shy person. So shy that when I was in standard 2, a bunch of boys from my school thought I was mute. Haha, no kidding! But as I grew older, my shyness seemed to tone down bit by bit. But I'm still a shy person. It's like, shy is my middle name or something. In fact, I think I'm the shyest Nuffnang blogger and if there's like an award for that, there's no doubt I can win it! ;p

My writings may not sound like a shy person and I only realized that when a few of my readers pointed that out to me a few years ago. They were kind of surprised to find out that the person behind ThePinkStilettos was actually a shy-shy cat (how does a shy writer should sound like anyway?).

So yeah, I'm a shy person. I don't talk much around people bcoz I prefer listening and observing others. But I like to write - or blog, to be exact. I find it easier to "talk" in my writing. So when I was being interviewed or whatever it is that involves me talking in front of new people, I silently wished "can I just write my answers instead?". LOL. But really, that's me. And that's what happened this morning during my first video shoot for Astro B.yond online promo video. God knows how utterly nervous and scared I was to talk in front of the camera! I don't think I was this scared when I was in labor, seriously. I feel like labor is 10x easier than this!

Putting on the mic

Redmummy, the unofficial makeup artist of the day.

It's only a 15-25 second video shoot but I was so nervous that my words were all jumbled up and we had to re-shoot it again and again and again. I had a hard time focusing my eyes on the camera too (I tend to look everywhere) and when one of the Astro guys told me to "imagine that the camera is your audience", I was even more nervous! Haha. Huai Bin was there and he was like so supportive and kept on saying, "it's okay" every time I tersilap cakap or something, and I was slowly at ease. At last after what seemed like ages, I was done with my video shooting session. Legaaaaaaaaaaa giler! (But I'm not looking forward to see the video. Segan nak tengok diri sendiri, boleh? Heee....)

But despite being a nervous wreck, a little part of me is glad that I accepted this offer. And it's kind of an exciting way to start the new year altho I know I'm not made to be in front of the camera. But at least I tried, no?

Oh yes, Happy New Year everyone!


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