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How to politely tell someone if they have stinky BO

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"I don't know how to tell you this, but I feel like I have to bcoz I care for you and it's killing me. Ok here goes"


"Your body umm err... STINKS."

It's not easy trying to tell a friend of yours or someone close to you that he/she has a bad body odor (BO) bcoz... it may sound mean. Plus, you don't know how the other person would take it. But then, keeping it quiet won't do any good for both of you either. Has it ever happened to you? How did you tell someone if he/she stinks?

I know we all have body odor. But some people have stronger body odor than others that they are able to make the people around them turning blue from holding their breaths. People with strong BO are like walking stink bombs. Everywhere they go, their BO would "attract" and offend others - whether in a crowded LRT, or in an elevator, or even just walking pass each other. And then there's the different "types" of BO. Macam-macam jenis bau ada - bau tajam a.k.a bawang putih, bau rebung, bau hapak, bau masam and bau hanyir. (Goshhh, I feel like puking as I'm typing this!)

If you don't have the heart to tell your friend straight in his/her face that they stink, then you might want to consider this softer approach. All you need is a Sanex Anti-Perspirant Deodorant spray!

1) Make sure there's no one else but you and your "BO" friend.

2) Casually start the conversation by saying something like, "You know, the other day I went to Watsons to buy some toiletries and saw this one sales girl promoting Sanex deodorants. So I stopped and listened to her explaining about the products, bla bla... and I was hooked. They were having a promotion - buy 1 free 1, so I thought of giving you the other one!". Just make up a story about the buy 1 free 1 promotion or something. Tipu sunat takpe! ;p

3) Well it's obvious that the next thing you should do is to give the deodorant to her. But don't just stop there. Tell her the benefits, what you like about it, etc... Maybe you can say, "There's actually 2 types of Sanex deodorants - spray and roll-on. I like the spray ones bcoz it's easier to use and they don't leave that sticky feeling! This one doesn't contain alcohol, yet dries so fast and lasts all day! And not only that, Sanex protects your skin as it is moisturizing unlike others that just concentrate on beauty and deodorizing."

4) Add more juicy details. Get her to be really interested to actually use it! But be honest. You can pinjam my ayat if you want: "If I'm not mistaken, there were like 4 different types of Sanex deodorant spray, and I sprayed each one of them on my wrist just like I was testing a perfume. I like the Dermo Sensitive one bcoz the dry down kinda reminds me of L'occitane Almond Oil. Well, maybe a softer and milkier powderish version, which comes in no surprise as it contains Lactoserum that's rich in milk protein!"

5) Pray that she will use it and if she does, be happy bcoz you managed to wangikan your friend without embarrassing her!

But make sure that friend of yours doesn't read ThePinkStilettos blog tho! LOL.

Anyways, did you know that moist underarms are actually not moisturized armpits? I never bothered to find out how deodorants work (I just chose the ones that smell good) until I came across website. Here, you can find the truth about deodorant. You can send a nice truth to someone special too:

Ok, someone who actually exists and has an email! ;p

There's even The Truth Forum which lets you share how you tell someone if they stink. Start telling the truth now and you could stand a chance to win a Sanex hamper worth RM100!

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