Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hawaiian Night with AF Stars

So I was invited to a party at the pool side of Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel last Saturday to celebrate my sister's friend's sister who won the Astro Series Kau & Aku contest. The theme was Hawaiian Night but I don't have any floral tops or dresses (baju kurung floral ada la ;p) and it was kinda last minute, so I just wore a bright colored ruffle top. Wani didn't dress up like a Hawaiian either, so yay ada geng.

The party started off with a buffet-style dinner. There were a lot of food but I was pretty stuffed (attended a kenduri before going to the party) so I couldn't really enjoy the food. Makan satu round jer.

Burn was one of the emcees and boy was he a funny guy! There were performances by Mila, Akim and Aril of AF, some games and Best Dress announcement.

That is Naz's sister, the girl who won the contest.

Akim's birthday.

My brother was there too, with his friends.
He's the one with jambang ala-ala Wolverine tu.

I didn't snap any pics with the actors and actresses, as well as the AF stars bcoz we had to leave early - hubby had a futsal game at 10pm. Group photo jer sempat.

Macam pakwe makwe tak mereka ni? LOL

Wani with her besties, Girl and Naz. I love hanging out with them, seriously.
Rasa macam rakan sebaya jer, even tho they call me Along ;p


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