Sunday, December 13, 2009

Worst shopping experience at Tie Rack, KLIA

Have you ever been treated so badly by a salesperson that you feel like chopping off his/her head? I have. And it happened today, after our makan trip in Penang.

We arrived at KLIA at about 6ish pm and after performing our prayers, my husband and I went straight to Tie Rack bcoz I wanted to get some scarves. I wasn't greeted by the salesperson (a Malay guy, in mid 30s I think), which is fine by me bcoz it's not a big deal pon (but it would be nice tho, wouldn't it? Manners matter). So anyways, there I was in the shop, belek-belek some of the scarves on display. They were having discount promotion - 10%, 30%, etc so I took one of the 30% off scarves and asked for the price. Dengan muka toya, he replied without even looking at me. I took another scarf (a neck scarf) and asked him again bcoz I couldn't see any price tag on it. He went to the cashier counter, took a calculator and calculate the price and then showed me the numbers on it dengan muka tak boleh blah dia tu. I was like, what's his problem? PMS ke apa jantan ni... You're a salesperson so buat la cara macam salesperson!

On the other hand, my husband who was standing outside Tie Rack, had been carrying (his brother's) DSLR camera ever since getting off the plane and had been snapping random pics of me. Biasa la kan, that's what Bloggers do. He innocently took a picture of me while shopping in Tie Rack, and suddenly the salesperson marah, "Eh tak boleh amik gambar kat sini. Sana ada security camera, karang saya ngadu kang!" OMG. Kecoh gila. I mean, fine kalau salah pon he didn't have to say like that! Ayat last tu yang tak tahan tu. Aren't most guys are like cool and relax, takde nak emo-emo camtu? Oh wait, I forgot - MOST guys, not all of them!

That wasn't just it. After trying on some scarves, I decided to get a few despite being treated like sh*t and went to the cashier counter to pay for them. I only had about RM100 in my wallet, so I handed my VISA debit card (even tho the ATM machine is just a few steps away. Plus, I wanna collect some points). It didn't go through, which was really weird bcoz I know I have more than enough money in my account to pay for those scarves. He asked if I've got other cards (still with his toya face). I handed him my other Visa debit card, and again, it didn't go through. Double weird. I've used those cards just 2 days earlier and they were fine. So I asked him, machine tu tak bole baca my cards ke apa and you know what he said? "Mana saya tau, kad awak!". @#$%#@Q#@*&%##!!!!! I was boiling at that time so I stomped out of the shop and went to the nearest ATM machine to withdraw some money USING THE SAME DEBIT CARD! Obviously, his machine yang tak betul! DUHHH!!! I wasn't angry bcoz his machine didn't work - I was so pissed off with his rude manners!

I went back to the counter and paid for my scarves anyway. As I was handing the money to him, I glanced at his blazer, looking for his name tag and what do you think I saw? A yellow button badge on his left chest, saying "Tell me if I didn't SMILE at you". And I decided to tell him that right in his face. I thanked him as he handed my balance and said sarcastically, "Oh btw, you didn't smile at me", and walked straight out of that shop. I seriously feel like adding "FYI, I know someone important here, so watch out!".

I am never gonna buy Tie Rack scarves at KLIA again. I'd rather pay higher price buying 'em online rather than dealing with sh*tty salesperson like that! Oh I did manage to get his name by the way. And I even have his photo (thanks to my husband)!


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