Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Watsons' Give The Gift Of Smile

I love going to events but hate to decide what to wear bcoz I don't have that many clothes, so usually I just rotate them once in a while and add some accessories. While I am NOT one who believes in "never wear the same clothes more than once", I do feel the need to avoid being seen (in my blog) wearing the same outfit again and again, especially to blog events - be it big or small.

I've worn this satin top before, but without the belt.

Anyways, I was invited to attend the official launching of Watsons 'Give the Gift of Smile' event last week, happening at Boulevard Hotel, Mid Valley. It was on a Tuesday morning and I was the only blogger who was able to make it, so I asked Wani to tag along.

I didn't know they served breakfast as well so I had mine right before leaving the house. I was full but can't resist it - buffet summore!

I decided not to have the Nasi Lemak (I just took a few suap from Wani's plate - it was good), so I opted for something lighter. Konon la lighter, but I ended up eating 3 plates of food! ;p

Takde kerusi, makan berdiri.

Ish bila nak kurus macam Santarina nii...

The event started at 10am on the dot, and we were ushered to the Westside Room. The Gift Of Smile is a campaign to help children who are born with cleft lips and palates to get the appropriate surgical treatment for free. They even showed a short video about it and it was so heart-wrenching seeing those less fortunate children, especially the babies.

They also introduced Watsons' new uniform which is standardized in the whole Asia Pacific region (or was it ASEAN?). I think I prefer their purple uniform more. But it doesn't matter, purple or no purple I would still shop at Watsons anyway!

Magic show

After the launching, all of us went to Watsons Mid Valley for a lucky draw. Earlier at the registration counter when we first arrived, we were asked to drop our business cards for the lucky draw.

5 lucky ones were randomly picked and they each got a 30-second shopping spree in Watsons! Best kan?! I already planned my route, just in case my name was called - I'd head straight to the beauty section and grabbed anything I can get my hands on! But I wasn't one of them.

This is before the shopping spree started

Dan hasil rembatan mereka selama 30 saat!

You know, I always dream about this kind of thing - menang shopping spree at this and that outlet. I even imagined if I were to win a shopping spree in LV boutique, which bags I would wanna choose and whatnot. Over tak imaginasi ku? LOL. But somebody once told me it doesn't hurt to dream! ;p


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