Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December is the month of weddings

My husband, my baby and I are going to Penang tomorrow to attend 2 wedding ceremonies. That'll be like our 4th and 5th weddings for this month. Just so you know, this month alone we have 10 weddings to attend! 11, if engagement counts. And I only have like 4 (wearable) baju kurungs. But there's no way I'm making 10 new baju kurungs just for the sake of it. Mengarut! Maka aktiviti pinjam-meminjam dan rotate-merotate akan diadakan. In fact, I already did! ;p

I wore this fab kurung moden twice to Naya's and Diana's weddings.

5th Dec @ Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam

12th Dec @ KGPA Damansara

The black lace at the waist looks like a corset, no? I like it.

Terima kasih adik, kerana meminjamkan baju mu yang santek itu. Next week nak pinjam baju lain pulak k! :D


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