Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jalan-jalan Cari Makan

Went for a day trip to Penang with a few bloggers last week, flight and food sponsored by MAS. This is like the first time yours truly ever board a plane then balik on the same day so it was pretty exciting.

Checked in using Our boarding passes were sent via SMS to our phones.
And that square-ish thing is the bar code.

This is how you do it. Ain't that cool?

I feel like paparazzi is following me! ;p

Boarding time.

Every year is like Visit Malaysia Year, no?

Are you looking at the salted peanuts or my chunky ring or my tahi lalat?

Hubby playing Bejeweled 2 to kill time. It's so addictive!

Our "jalan-jalan cari makan" tour guide.
Wait till you hear her name - Protein. No kidding! (altho I'm not sure if that's the right spelling)

1st stop: Nasi Kandar Line Clear

To be honest, I don't like nasi kandar. Macam geli sikit especially kuah-kuah dia, I don't know why. But my husband loves it! Dah nama orang utagha noh... Speaking of which, all of us pronounced it as "nasi kandar", then my husband - being a true Kedahan - said "Bukan nasi kandar la. Nasi KANDAQQQ".


Top: My husband's plate. Bottom: mine (I can only finish half. Banyak sangat!)


2nd stop: The famous Teochew cendol in Penang.

Please don't ask me where it is bcoz I don't know.
But it's at one of the streets in Penang Road with like the longest queue!

The best cendol I've ever tasted, seriously! And it's only RM1.70.

3rd stop: Joez Coconut

The coconut jelly is another favorite of mine!

Girls cam-horing

Last stop: Pasembur at Padang Kota Lama
(eh silap, it's pasemboqqq. Hee ;p)

Despite being so full to the brim, my husband and I were able to finish off the plate!

We had to cancel out Ais Kacang from our itinerary by the way, as we were running out of time. Plus we were so kekenyangan tak hingat dunia!

With Wei Zhi.

Arrived at KLIA at almost 7pm.

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