Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Her First Jacuzzi

I don't know about you, but the first thing that I would do whenever I walked into a hotel room is to check out the bathroom. I don't bother checking out the bed bcoz most hotel beds are the same - you know, white duvet and everything. To me it's like, beautiful bathroom equals to a pleasant stay.

During our trip to Penang last week (no, not the makan trip), we stayed at The Northam All Suites hotel. Hubby opted for Junior Suite; everything about the room is nice. Especially the beautiful spacious bathroom - there's a water-massage jacuzzi too!

Ayra has always loved her bath time so I decided to let her try the jacuzzi (of course with our supervision). I put on her swimming suit and placed her inside the baby float and before you know it, she was happily "sailing" away. The jacuzzi is like a mini swimming pool for babies. My baby was fascinated with the whirlpool that she keeps on trying to catch 'em with her hands. It was so funny!

Of course a few minutes later, we jumped inside the tub to join her as well!

We let her play for half an hour - that was like her longest bath time. Tu pun dia meronta-ronta bila orang angkat sebab tak puas!


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