Sunday, December 27, 2009

First it was my digital camera, now it's my iPhone

I did tell you that my digital camera went kaput bcoz my baby sat on the zoom lens, didn't I?

Well a few days ago, after like the thousandth time of dropping and throwing by my one-year-old, my iPhone decided to merajuk and went kaput as well. At first only a few apps weren't accessible, then I wasn't able to send/reply SMSes and answer phone calls, and then after several hours I can't even unlock it! The touch screen was like totally frozen.

My husband tried everything he could including restore factory setting, but none worked (thank God he managed to back up all the data inside). So we went to Maxis and the guy told us that it's a hardware problem and they will replace a new iPhone for me in a month's time (yay!). I hope iPhone 3G takde stock coz if so, they'll replace mine with iPhone 3Gs.

But 1 month is too long! I'm currently using my BIL's Nokia handphone zaman tok kaduk and haiyoo... I know I shouldn't be complaining bcoz at least I have a phone to use, but the screen is so tiny and there's no internet and I've forgotten how exasperating it is to type on such a small non-qwerty keypads and how super leceh it is to have more than a single button to navigate! >_<

Wah banyaknya complain! (my hormone is doing the talking ;p) I'd better go to sleep or watch Gossip Girl or something.

PS: If only my digital camera was still under warranty, maybe boleh dpt replace with a new one kot.
PPS: Lepas ni agaknya my laptop pulak jadi mangsa keganasan Ayra! ;p


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