Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bahasa Comel

I've always thought bahasa Kedah to be the cutest and funniest of all slang-slang Negeri. Both of my husband's parents are from Kedah and the whole family speaks a lot of Kedah. I once thought that bahasa Kedah was all about adding the 'q' sound at the end of each word (like "ayaq" instead of "air), besides "awat", "hang", "depa", etc.

I remembered during the early days of being married to him, I find it a little hard to understand his family's conversation. It was almost like they were talking in a foreign language. But little by little I managed to grasp some of them, like:

menangis = teriak
sekarang = la
kejar = ligan
pencuri = kawaq
degil = ketegaq
bosan = cemuih
macam = lagu
sen = kupang
jengket = ginjat
hulur = sua
ye ker = tuuu

Hmm... what else?
Oh right!

Muaz = Muaih

Hee hee.


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