Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Daily Dose of Vitamin D

We've been planning to make it a routine to go out for a morning stroll in the park, but failed to do so bcoz there's always something that gets in the way. What usually happens is either one of us is too tired or it rains or Ayra is still sleeping or I'm just too sleepy bcoz Ayra didn't sleep through the night or - well, the list goes on. I know those are just plain excuses but really, trying to add something new to your daily routine takes time. You can't just like, "Oh, I want to start my day doing 20 sit-ups" or "I want to quit smoking starting tomorrow" or "I want to start a healthy eating habit" and the next thing you know, you're doing it successfully every single day without a miss! That's highly unlikely for most people, no? It takes a strong will and determination to do it. Even if it's just a morning stroll.

After what seems like ages, we FINALLY managed to go for our morning walk! All of us had a good night sleep so after having our power breakfast (shakes), we went straight away - we didn't even bother taking a shower!

It was a bright and cheery morning and the whether was perfect. There weren't many people as it was a weekday - we had the park all to ourselves. I want to jump! I want to run! I want to hop on one foot! I want to ride on the swing! And err... can I swim in the lake?

Free reflexology

After a good 1.5-hour walk, we decided to have brunch at a nearby mapley. We started the day with a morning stroll in the park, and end it up later with an evening stroll at The Gardens (as in the mall ;p)! And the next morning we were too knackered from all that walking to go for our next morning walk. But that's okay; we're starting with once a week, then slowly twice a week and then maybe and hopefully every day (except on weekends; we try to avoid going out on weekend if it's unnecessary).

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