Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chocolate Treat

I've forgotten what it's like to have PMS after more than a year of "missing periods". I've been treating myself with lots of chocolates these past few days - hot chocolate drinks, Baskin-Robbins' World Class Chocolate ice-cream, chocolate cookies and biscuits, even chocolate-scented candles. The irresistible scent of chocolate is like aromatherapy. It's so calming, I feel like stuffing my face with chocolates!

And I did, literally. I found these chocolate masks at Watsons and thought of giving it a try. My God, they smell so yummy, like Nutella. I swear I almost licked my finger. My husband saw me, sniffed me and asked, "Is it edible? Can I lick your face?".

And then I had this nasty idea of spreading the chocolate mask onto his bread, instead of Nutella. He can't tell the difference bcoz they look and smell the same.

But of course I did not do it. I'm a good wife! ;p


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