Friday, October 09, 2009

Will the little Ayra Adelia please stand up?

Adik manis

Ayra just turned 10 months old a few days ago, and she is more active than ever! She would explore everything. She crawls all around the house (her favorite spots are the kitchen and our bedroom), climbs the stairs, pulls herself up, cruises while holding onto furniture, stands alone for a few seconds and makes a whole lot of mess! It's very funny and entertaining, I absolutely enjoy watching her on the move. This is so far the most fun stage, but it's also the most tiring for me!

Apparently, everything is a toy to her. She pulls the plastic bags and containers out of the kitchen cabinet. She tugs the curtain to play peek-a-boo. She bangs on the door. She drags my bag from the closet. She presses the buttons on Astro remote control and knows that it would do something to the TV. She scatters books and papers, even dirty clothes from the laundry basket.

And she would gnaw on anything she gets - belt, mascara and lipgloss tubes, digicam, door stopper - you name it, she gnaws it! It's easy to simply shout "No!" when a baby does those kind of things and altho judiciously saying "No" to your child is fine, most of the time I use alternative ways. I would ask her nicely, "What are you doing, little girl?" and "Can I have it?" and "Why don't you play with this instead (and hands her toy or something safer)". She would smile, sometimes respond in her own language and happily obeys it. She's a good girl!

She is also starting to understand a few simple instructions, like "clap your hands", "stand up", "kiss" and "bye bye".

I've had a few people asking me, "Best tak ada baby?". Well my answer to them would always be: Best, tapi penat!
Don't you all agree, mommies? :)


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