Monday, October 12, 2009

My Dream Shoe Rack

My idea of a perfect way to store my collection of shoes is a) in a covered clear display rack/shelf so that I can see my shoes, b) the rack/shelf must be in white-ish color, and c) stylish modern design.

I was googling for some unique shoe rack design and fell in love instantly the moment I laid my eyes on this Skorder shoe rack. It is designed by Johanna Eliason, and her shoe rack design is an inspiration from display cases, stacked shoeboxes and the mess in her own wardrobe. How brilliant!

I love that each pair of shoes is kept in separate boxes with clear glass doors. And that little bench attached to it is pure genius!

Now where can I find one just like that? Bcoz I don't think this Skorder shoe rack is available here...


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