Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I bet a lot of my readers are waiting for my updates about the Singapore trip, especially the Nuffnang Blog Awards. I haven't had the time to get online (I haven't even unpacked my stuff yet!) bcoz I've been busy taking care of Ayra and making up for the time I was away from her. I'm upset and a little guilty too bcoz my baby is unwell. She has diarrhea. Am not sure how she gets it -either bcoz of the unsterilized bottles or that one time when my husband gave her contaminated milk that was left (unrefrigerated) for more than 3 hours, or perhaps both. Tsk!

Of course with diarrhea comes diaper rash which is so awful as it seemed to burn the skin around her diaper area. Every time I wash her, Ayra would scream and cry and call out "Maaaa...." sebab sakit sangat, and it really breaks my heart! I lost track how many times she poops in a day bcoz she will poop right after each and every feeding (milk or food). We've already took her to the doctor and he gave a few lactose-free milk samples (Similac) as well as diarrhea medication in powder form to be dissolved in water or milk but my baby refused to drink it (I tried both with water and milk, in various ways: bottle, cup, spoon, straw, syringe). So how now brown cow? I read yogurt is good for diarrhea as it contains Lactobacillus Acidophilus which helps to fight bad bacteria. But do I give her natural yogurt or the fruity ones?


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