Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Buka Puasa

Last week, MAS invited me for buka puasa session at Alexis, The Garden. It was just a small gathering for selected Bloggers - yours truly, Redmummy and KampungBoyCityGirl.

The initial plan was to dine at Ole Ole Bali, Mont Kiara, but that had to change bcoz traffic was really bad on Friday night.

Notice I wore the cropped cardigan from MNG? I managed to alter it a little with a few nips and tucks using safety pins, which is unnoticeable unless you have X-ray vision! And did you notice all three Bloggers posed with our hands in our pockets? ;p

Anyway since we didn't get to dine at Ole Ole Bali with MAS, my husband and I decided to go to the one at Sunway Pyramid for buka puasa, a couple of days ago. Ole Ole Bali offers authentic Balinese cuisine (altho they have Western food as well) in a Balinese atmosphere.

We were served this complimentary kuih.

I ordered this Cucumber and Passion fruit Mojito mocktail, which is a blend of fresh cucumber, pineapple juice, passion fruit syrup and chili. Yes, chili! It was so cool and refreshing! I like it.

Cucumber and Passion fruit Mojito

My husband had Barley Lime. Nice, but I would prefer if there's pearl barley in it.

Barley Lime

Next came our main course. Both of us ordered Nasi Campur Ole Ole, served in a basket. It's one of their specialty dishes.

Nasi Campur Ole Ole

The portion is hee-uge! There's grilled lemongrass prawns, squids, fish, chicken rendang (it was a choice between that or beef rendang), sate lilit, sauteed kangkung, served with sambal terasi and sambal matah. My god, it was so good. I like the grilled squid and fish especially.

I wanted to order their dessert but was so full to the brim, I could barely stand up. Perhaps next time. Overall, it's a great dining experience!


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