Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Johnson’s® baby Most Loving Moments

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The bond between a mother and her baby is one of the strongest human connections. For most mothers, the love for their babies started way before the baby was born; it's love before first sight. It's the most natural love ever known to humankind. And best of all, babies are in love with their mothers too!

Even tho babies can't talk to tell how much they love and want you, there are ways to know. Smile and laughter, eye contact, vocalizations (cooing or babbling) and reaching out are the signs that show the bond between you two are growing stronger. It's one of the most beautiful things in motherhood. After all, action speaks louder than words. Recently, my baby has started giving me kisses especially when she just woke up in the morning. She would plant kisses all over my face and altho they're drooly and gummy, they're the sweetest ever! I feel so loved. Ahh... the joy of motherhood!

Johnson's® baby realized the importance of mother-baby bonding moments and they have immortalized the special loving moments through their photography roadshow around Peninsular Malaysia. A lot of mothers and their babies have participated and now the voting contest is running. There are 4 categories altogether; let's see the loving moments of these mothers and babies!

1) Brighter Smile
Nothing can tear them apart.

My first impression when I saw this pic was "OMG the baby looks like a toy baby doll!".
Look how sweet she (or is it a he?) smiles for the camera!

Touching your baby can lead her to smile more,
like this adorable baby...

...and this baby too. Cute!

This kind of baby smile brightens up any mommy's day!

Eyes locked on one another, exchanging the sweetest smile.
It's baby's way to say "I love you".

2) Reaching Out

I bet this baby is trying to say "Come closer, mommy. Give me a hug!",
hence the tugging on her shirt.

Both of them are drawn to each other, oblivious to their surrounding.

"Hush now mommy, I know you love me. I love you too!"

A mother's touch is like no other.

The scent of the mother is comforting to her baby.

This mommy and baby are lost in their own little world,
sharing a secret message that only they would understand.

3) Giggle & Vocalization

Mother: "Say cheeseeeeeee"
Baby: "Heeeseeeeeeee"

Laughter is the best medicine. Especially if it's
teeth-and-tongue-baring laughter like this.

Such pureness. Looks like a poster ad, no?

Something that her mommy whispered in her ear makes her giggle!

Tickle is the best way to make a baby giggle.

I love how both mother and baby laughed at each other
with their mouths wide open. So cheeky!

4) Gazes
The amazing gaze - the eyes have it.

A moment of awedness. Words can't express
the special bond between them.

Aww... they look so much in love.

Bonding is as simple as gazing into each other's eyes.

As the mom coos, the baby looks at her.
He's picking up the rhythm of her conversation.

This duo seemed to appear in most of the categories.
With a pose like that, it surely fits any mother-baby loving moments!

Which of these loving moments is your favorite? Vote for them here coz you can stand a chance to win some prizes! I've already voted mine! ;)

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