Monday, August 10, 2009

Get Glowing with Red Glow

I am constantly amazed at how makeup can transform one's look - from dull, uneven skintone and other 'problematic facial areas' to flawless beauty and glowing with radiance. It's no wonder that most women (if not all) look the prettiest on their wedding day. I mean, have you ever seen a bride with no makeup? Exactly.

Between applying my own makeup and having someone else to do it, I pretty much prefer the latter one. Every stroke of the brush on my cheeks and eyes and lips gives a pleasurable feeling, like I was being pampered. I could almost doze off to dreamland!

Makeover session at Red Glow

I wish those are my real lashes!

The end result of my bridal makeup.

Red Glow offers various makeup services - from bridal makeup to DIY makeup classes and even kursus intensif! If you love doing your own makeup but you have little or no knowledge about it, this is the place to go. Red Glow has just opened their third branch in Seksyen 9, Shah Alam (congrats guys!), and here's the latest schedule for their makeup courses:

You can get detailed info at

Okay, so you probably wonder what other makeup looks besides bridal makeup that Red Glow can do. Well I'd say, almost anything! From light and natural look, to dramatic for dressy evening function or special occasions. Here are my favorite transformations, taken from Red Glow portfolio. They're amazing!

Santek kan? You can really count on them when it comes to colors! Prices start at RM300; contact Najwa at 0123588999 for appointments or any queries.

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