Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weekend Trip

We're going for a short trip (2D1N) to Johor tomorrow to attend my husband's cousin's wedding. I'm kinda excited bcoz I haven't been outside of KL for ages (the last time was when I was 5 months pregnant), plus this is going to be Ayra's first trip!

The only thing that concerned me a little is... my husband told me to pack LIGHT. Seriously, how do you pack light when you have a baby? The thing with babies is, you just have to bring extra everything bcoz you don't know what's gonna happen - extra towel in case she pees on it right after her bath, 10 extra clothing in case she gets dirty/hot/cold/uncomfortable, lots and lots of burp cloths, extra socks, a dozen of diapers and the list goes on. I will be bringing my breastpump and bottles as well, so does that mean I have to bring the sterilizer too? And oh, let's not forget baby bottle cleanser and bottle brush bcoz of course all the pumping equipments need to be washed after using.

Tu baru barang baby. Belum masuk my stuff lagi.
There is no way I can pack light!


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