Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shopping (and shoes) is therapeutic

I have never - I repeat, NEVER - got the chance to go on a proper shopping spree ever since my baby was born. I miss spending hours at the shopping mall like I have all the time in the world. I miss trying on countless clothes and shoes. I miss being 'lost' in my own shopaholic world, sauntering from one boutique to another. As much as I love spending time looking after my baby, I miss having my me shopping time. But having a small baby limits all that, and the only shopping I do besides online is just a quick dash to the department store or the supermarket, and everything must be done in less than 2 hours before my baby starts to be cranky. It still amaze me tho, how a tiny purchase like a toy for my baby can lift up my mood after a long week. But still, that wasn't enough.

After 5 months, 2 weeks and 2 days, I finally got my shopping spree pass. My husband agreed to let me have my own sweet time at the mall while he and my baby stayed at my PIL's house. I was elated! I spent the first few hours with my sister and my mom at the Valiram sale (they both baught a Fendi and Gucci watch each), and later continued my shopping mission on my own.

I had a blast! Shopping is really therapeutic. I even skipped my dinner bcoz I forgot that I was hungry (plus, I had a quick bite with my mom and sister earlier before they went home).

Of all the purchases I made that day, this is my most favorite:

Spotted at Eclipse is a mirror-like platform heels. I love that it's a peep-toe, a slingback and it's a 5-inch heels. The heels may look like a killer, but they are the comfiest I have ever worn. They are so comfy that I could even walk down a staircase while carrying my baby without tripping. The mirror-like effect is simply stunning. It's like a glass slipper. A gunmetal glass slipper. I love it. It comes in black as well; I think I'm gonna get that too. Don't be surprised if I told you that my favorite shoes are mostly Eclipse. They make comfy and stunning high heels at the price that won't hurt your wallet. What more could a girl asks for?

On another note, my brother wants to have a shopping date with only me and my sister whenever both of us are free. He wants to belanja us anything we want as our belated birthday presents, and allocates a few hundreds each! Isn't my brother the sweetest? I am so looking forward for that day. A mommy needs a break once in a while too, no?

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