Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Carrying Baby the Kangaroo Way

Yay, I have now mastered the ways to get my baby in and out of my Hotsling without needing the bed! Senang jer rupanya. I should have watched the instructional DVD in the first place.

I now wear my baby whenever we go out. We rarely use the stroller now bcoz wearing her seems easier and I don't have to keep on checking her for like every minute bcoz she's just right under my nose. In fact, both me and my husband think she prefers being carried in the pouch rather than the baby carrier bcoz she's at ease when she's in there. I guess the snugness must've reminded her of being in the womb.

Ayra just woke up when I was just about to have my lunch.
She didn't cry tho. She just sat quietly in there and watched me eat.

At other times, she would fall asleep...

Little that I know carryring a baby in a pouch is attention-grabbing! It's like, every 1 in 5 people would look at us in astonishment and say things like "ala comelnya" and "cuba tengok baby tu". One pakcik even said, "nampak confident jer bawak baby macam tu".

I am a proud baby-wearer! :)


Since some of you have been asking where I purchased my Hotslings, I purchased mine at The Lil Caliph Online Store (TLC). Just so you know, TLC is the sole distributor of Hotslings in Malaysia so that's the only place you can get those hot pouches.

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