Sunday, February 22, 2009

Update on my weight loss program

Err... do I really look that slim in those photos that I posted in my previous entry? Coz I seriously think I look berisi. I haven't slimmed down to my pre-pregnancy weight yet, ladies. I'm not even half way there. I am still FAT.

Yes I've lost a few weight but it's just 3 kilos and a few tiny inches here and there. I still have like 10 more kilos to lose, which is a LOT! I know I did say that I will start my diet seriously after New Year but hmm.. my mom was against the idea of me dieting bcoz I'm breastfeeding and she worries it might affect my milk production (altho I know it won't). I didn't want to worry her so I stopped my weight loss program for awhile (which only lasted for a week) and decided to continue after we moved into our own house - which was end of last month (after Chinese New Year).

But I secretly think my progress is pretty good, considering the food I ate and the fact that it hasn't been a month yet. And no, I don't exercise. Just so you know, last week was pizza week for us. We had pizza almost everyday for lunch bcoz my house is not fully-equipped for cooking yet, and pizza seemed like the easiest option - both delivery and frozen. I was actually surprised I didn't gain any weight but instead lose it! :)

Anyways, since I'm breastfeeding and always hungry, I have on average 3 shakes a day. Sometimes 4. Here's how my daily meal plan looks like:

Breakfast: Herbalife shake
Snack: Herbalife shake
Lunch: Normal meal
Dinner: Herbalife shake

I drink about 1 liter of the tea, from morning until 6pm (bcoz I'm afraid that it could affect my baby's sleeping time at night since the tea is energizing). Speaking of the tea, the new peach tea tastes so sedap! I love it. It's not bitter at all. Those of you who loved the lemon tea before, you will love the peach tea even more, believe me. Rasa manis-manis buah.

So that's it. No secrets whatsoever.

Thanks for the compliments tho. I am now more determine to lose weight :)
I'll keep you guys posted with my progress from time to time.


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