Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ayra's 1st Attempt to Talk

No, my house is still internet-less.

The Streamyx people informed that he will be coming for the internet installation thingy soon - which is, next week. I don't know. I mean, he told that too last week. But we'll see. I really hope this time he keeps his words. I can't stand anymore living a day without the Internet. I don't mind not watching the telly for days - I didn't watch TV at all during my confinement period bcoz the TV at my parents' house is upstairs; my room is downstairs and my mom forbade me from going up and down the stairs - which is fine with me.

But without the Internet, I feel so....
Hmm. I guess "lost" is the word.

Anyways, since some of you wanted to see my little girl "talk", here's a short video of her googoogaga-ing.

She's trying to say, "Hi guys!".


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