Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The 1st Year

Yesterday, February 16th 2009, was our 1st wedding anniversary.

It was pretty early, but just a few weeks after we got married, I already had in mind of how I wanted to surprise my husband on our anniversary. I planned to make a surprise candlelight dinner. I already had in mind what I wanted to cook for appetizer, main course and dessert. I even visualized the table setting. But that plan had to be cancelled bcoz I didn't know there would be a third person who demands my attention 24-7.

So instead, we went out to celebrate it. We didn't want to leave our baby behind on this special day, so we brought her along too. And since bringing a baby to a fine dining place is not a good idea, we just had a casual dinner at Marche, The Curve (the Strawberry Banana smoothies is really good btw - I ordered it twice).

Ayra behaves well in the car. Good girl!

"Hey Mommy, I'm hungry too!"

At last, she's asleep.

But 10 minutes later, she woke up. And cried.

She wanted to be held.

I haven't bought any presents for my husband yet (what do you want, honey?). Nor have I bought presents for my sister, my SIL, Fadd and Leen. I have a lot of present-hunting to do. Sorry ladies! I guess I'm too preoccupied with my baby at the moment.


Happy Anniversary, my darling husband. I guess we both don't know what we want for our anniversary bcoz we have Ayra? :) I love you (both) to bits!


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