Monday, January 12, 2009

Bag Cleaning

Does anyone know any (designer) bag cleaning specialist? My Speedy bag is desperately in need of a face lift as it has turned grayish from being worn to death. It looks even grayer in real life. There's a pen mark and some accidental spilling of gravy (I can be such a klutz sometimes - especially when I'm hungry), and other anonymous stains.

Do you think bag repair includes cleaning? Bcoz Mister Minit (at Isetan The Gardens) does bag (and shoes) repair. I've sent 2 pairs of shoes for repairing before, but didn't notice if they do bag cleaning as well. Doesn't seem like it tho.

If you do know a place, please give me the details - like where, the cost, how long it takes, etc.
Thank you!


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