Friday, December 05, 2008

Warehouse Sale

As I entered Warehouse boutique, I was greeted by the familiar faces of the two Sales Assistants - the guy and the girl. The guy looked at my belly with an extremely surprised face that I thought I had accidentally revealed my bare belly to the public or something, and then he went like, "Ehhh...dah ada perut!? Dah pregnant ker?"

Just last week my sister and I went to Warehouse and he was there, and I'm pretty sure my belly was just as obvious. But before I could answer, the girl said "Bukan la.. ni kakak. Yang lagi sorang tu adik".


Anyways, the only reason I wanted to go to the Warehouse Private Sale was to get this Kimono top, which I think might fit my pregnant belly. But unfortunately, it's not available here. Oh well.

There were a few tops that caught my eyes (all of 'em on sale), but none fits me - or at least my belly. After trying on 3 tops, I gave up. I don't want to get bigger sizes bcoz it would be a waste of money as my due date is just around the corner.

So I ended up buying a Faux Snake Metallic Patchwork clutch. At least I know I could wear it, pregnant or not. ;p

Each Warehouse Privilege Card member who made a purchase was given Bobbi Brown vouchers. Nothing much; just some samples to be redeemed and a one-on-one makeup lesson which expires at the end of next month.

I'm in need of a new makeup look. I think my face lacks of color. Maybe I should go.


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