Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Missing Scarf

Just when I thought I don't have anything fab to wear, I found a Ted Baker top (tag still attached) hidden among other clothes while decluttering my closet. It's a fab sapphire blue tunic with bishop sleeves that I bought a few months back but haven't got the chance to wear it bcoz I don't have a matching scarf to go with it. I have 7 different shades of blueish scarfs but none goes with the top. And I thought I have enough blue scarfs already. Hmmphh.

So I decided to wear that top today and borrowed my sister's blueish-purple scarf that she bought a day before yesterday bcoz the color suits well with it. I was happy. Finally, something fab to wear! I've been wearing the same tops over and over and over again and I'm so sick of them. So I took her scarf, went down to Bibik's room and ironed it. Then I went to my room, wore my serkup and was about to wear that scarf when suddenly... poof~ the scarf disappeared! Or at least I cannot remember where I put it. The last thing I remembered was ironing it. I was like totally blank. But I'm pretty sure I put it on my bed...or somewhere in my room. I mean, logically it must be in my room! Where else could it be?

I frantically searched the whole room and also Bibik's room but there was no sign of it. Pelik betul. I even checked the living room, dining hall and kitchen just in case terletak situ (although it's highly unlikely bcoz I know I went straight to my room right after ironing it). I asked Wani and Bibik if they saw the scarf but nope. I was so tensed up by that time. But I decided to relax; had my breakfast shake while checking my email, hoping that if I calmed down I would gain back my "lost memory". I even took a few deep breaths just like my hubby always tell me whenever I can't find my things bcoz lepas tu mesti jumpa. But not this time - after 15 minutes or so, I still couldn't find it nor remember where I put it! Geram nyaa!! I know forgetfulness during pregnancy is common, but this is beyond forgetfulness! Things can't disappear just like that! Hishh...

So in the end, I changed into a different top - the top that I would always wear when I'm in the "I-don't-know-what-to-wear" state. I'm sure you have your own "I-don't-know-what-to-wear" top too. It's the top that you would always end up wearing whenever you're out of baju to wear. Boring kan?

As for the scarf, it's still missing.
Hantu mana la yang amik...

p/s: My family is going for a holiday in Amsterdam tonight, leaving us the married ones! Eeeee....tak aciii! ;p


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