Tuesday, December 30, 2008


It was past midnight.

My husband was already fast asleep. The room was silent apart from the air releasing sound of the air-cond. I was sitting on the bed with my nose stuck in a book - New Moon - despite the dimly lit room that came from a table lamp at the corner of our room. I was completely absorbed in the book that I didn't care if the lack of light was bad for my eyesight. Laurent was about to feast on Bella! I had to know what happened next; perhaps just a few more pages before putting the book down.

Then all of a sudden, I felt a sharp pain darted through my body followed with a muffled angry sound. Something was biting and sucking my blood! At that instant I thought of vampires. I screamed "Arghhh!" and that woke my husband up.

"Jangan la gigit mama, sayang", said my husband to Ayra.

Of course it wasn't a bloodsucking vampire. It was my milksucking baby, who was hungry and struggling to latch on for my milk.

I felt silly. Perhaps reading vampire stories at night while breastfeeding isn't a good idea after all ;p


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