Friday, December 05, 2008

The Decluttering Process

My husband and I spent almost the whole day yesterday - from 10am to 5pm - to spruce up our chaotic room, which includes vacuuming the carpet, sweeping and mopping the floor, wiping and cleaning the windows, bed, table, chairs...

....and yeap, decluttering my closet!

It took me awhile to decide which ones to let go, which ones to keep (which explains why baru sekarang nak start kemas2 bilik) bcoz I kinda feel I still need/want them eventho I haven't been wearing them for ages. But then I read this article on how to declutter your wardrobe and it helps a lot!

So I piled up all my clothes into 3 separate piles - want, unsure and unwanted:

From left: "Unwanted" pile and "Unsure" pile
(my "Want" pile is in the closet)

I also set aside some bags that I don't want anymore. The whole cleaning up process got easier after that. Our room is now a hundred times better-looking than before and it's almost ready for the baby (we've set up the baby cot; I'm so excited!). We just need to get a nice dresser/drawer to put all her stuff, which we will hunt for later today :)

By the way, I will update my sales blog pretty soon (actually, hari2 pon update ;p). I have more than 20 tops to let go - brands including Warehouse, NafNaf, MNG, Esprit, M&S, Motivi, ape tah la lagi. That's not counting the "unsure" ones tho.
So check my sales blog from time to time, people!


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