Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thank you!

I would like to thank those who suggested all the natural remedies to cure sore throat, especially the kicap + limau nipis and air asam jawa + pinch of salt. I think those two helped the most! At first I was a bit skeptical, especially the kicap thingy... I mean, kicap? What does that got to do with curing sore throat? Is it soy? But I tried it anyway bcoz I was so desperate to get better... and the taste wasn't so bad. At least not as bad as the air asam jawa. That is the most disgusting stuff I have ever tasted in my life! But I stopped coughing the minute I finished up the whole cup and I was cough-free for an hour (I was coughing non-stop before that). I was amazed. It's almost like magic... now you are coughing, now you don't! I've been drinking it 3 times a day now since yesterday and I'm feeling much better - but I still have that "boy-just-hit-puberty" voice. Any remedies for that? ;) I can't wait to totally get rid of this sore throat.

Anyways, I think I just "discovered" my love for honey. I just couldn't get enough of that sweet golden stuff. I eat it with almost everything I could think of - drizzle it over crackers, spread it on breads/buns, cicah dengan capati, mix it with cold (Dutch Lady) milk, or just eat it on its own... Yum!

Mmhhh... Makan scones dengan honey pon mesti sedap....
I hope they have scones for breakfast at the hotel. Else, I would have to run down to Dome Cafe for their heavenly English scones.


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