Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sore Throat

This is the worst sore throat I have ever had. Being pregnant makes it a lot sakit and harder to handle (my lower abdomen hurts when I coughed so hard).

Last night was the worst. I coughed non-stop, my throat was so painful rasa macam luka, I could barely manage to swallow let alone talk, and to make things worse, I had a nose blockage. I had been sucking on Strepsils, Wood's Peppermint Lozenges, cough syrup, drinking cups of hot water, honey, gargling warm water with salt... but none worked! I tried to bring myself to sleep, but I couldn't. I cried in the middle of the night like a little kid bcoz I could no longer bear the pain and didn't know what to do... and that woke hubby up. He took my hand and hushed me. We sat on the bed; I rested my head on his shoulder and he put his arm around me, with the other hand on my throat usap2 sambil baca ayat2 and doa and tiup (konon2 macam jampi). I was crying and coughing at the same time, but what my husband did was soothing. We sat like that for a good 20 minutes and soon the sound of my cries and coughs ceased.

He stayed with me all night (at least until I was asleep), gave me another cup of hot water and tucked me to bed. I slept like a baby - I only woke up twice to pee.

This morning I woke up with a sore throat. Not as bad as last night, but still irritating.
I think I need to be "jampi-ed" again.


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