Friday, November 07, 2008

Pregnancy Cravings

I had different cravings in each trimester of my pregnancy.

In the 1st trimester, I had a mad craving for really spicy food - cili padi and sambal belacan to be exact. I found that spicy food eased my nausea. So if possible, I want everything to be flaming hot! Imagine eating sambal belacan with Maggi noodles, Chicken and Cheese soup, bread, mashed potato, and omelet. Sedap tak terkata. And when it comes to eating rice, fresh chopped cili padi is a must (if there's no sambal belacan). The "firey" sensation felt on my tongue gave me a complete satisfaction!

Then in the 2nd trimester, I craved a lot of seafood besides creamy and cheesy dishes. Japanese food is one of the sources to satisfy my seafood hankering. Shrimps (especially), crabs, mussels, eels, scallops. And I love fruit juices too, especially JuiceWorks'. By then, my craving for spicy food has toned down a little bit; at least tak segila macam masa 1st trimester tu la.

Now in the 3rd trimester, my cravings are more specific and... diversified. Like, I craved for Shish Kebab only from Tarbush, Big Apple's Chococinno donut, Subway Melt sandwich, and Roti Bakar + Iced Hazelnut White Coffee only at PappaRich Kopitiam - no other!

Anddd hmmm...

Lately, I have this sudden "craving" for Anya Hindmarch and MBMJ bags too (no, seriously. It's not funny).


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