Thursday, October 09, 2008

Rambles of a Pregnant Lady

I had the worst headache today. I managed to get a 1-hour nap in the evening, but after waking up, my head started to pound even harder. And it's not only my head - my whole body is aching too. It started ever since a day before Raya. First it was my back and shoulders, then my waist, then my legs, then it went up to my neck and now satu badan sakit. Every inch of my body is aching, even my fingers! My chest hurts as well. Rasa macam lenguh... but is there such thing as "lenguh dada"?

I'm not sure if that's the symptoms of entering the 3rd trimester, but it may be bcoz I haven't got enough rest. A day before Raya I helped my mom cooking Raya dishes from 12 noon until buka puasa bcoz her maid went back for Hari Raya. The 1st day of Raya we went beraya to a few houses from morning until night. The 2nd day of Raya we went balik kampung (Pahang) in the morning, beraya rumah2 pakcik makcik kat sana pastu balik KL later in the evening. Then the next day (Friday) until yesterday we either went to Herbalife HQ, meet-up customers, malls, post office, beraya lagi, etc. Pheww... That's one solid week of jalan-jalan! I had to squeeze some time to get some rest; getting some sleep/nap seemed like a chore bcoz the little one is not letting its mommy to do so! Hubby did massage and gave me some back rub, but he himself is down with fever so he only did what he'd managed to do. I just hope I don't catch his flu and sore throat bcoz that would be a lot worse!

I really need to get a good whole-body massage as soon as I can (I'm thinking of Urban Retreat that some of you recommended) but I'm not sure when. Weekdays tak boleh as my hubby is working, plus I have a few tasks to settle. This weekend - Saturday I have to attend my aunty's open house, Sunday pulak my mom most probably buat open house jugak and I have an appointment for my 4D and detailed scannings.

Aiyohh... Pengsan aku!

(My MIL said I should just think of myself and the baby now, and don't bother pleasing other people if I can't bcoz I'm pregnant. She is so right).


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