Saturday, September 27, 2008

Of BPA-free Bottles and Car Seat

I am concerned about BPA in baby bottles, thanks to some of you who informed it. Else, I wouldn't know.

We've decided on Avent ISIS IQ breast pump and Avent Express Sterilizer, so now we -or rather, I am looking for bottles. I personally think it'd be easier to have storage bottles and feeding bottles from the same brand kot.

However, all of Avent bottles that I have came across so far are not BPA-free, including the ones I got that came together with the breast pump and sterilizer (2x 4oz and 2x 9oz bottles). Avent's BPA-free bottles are known as Natural Feeding Bottle with natural honey-colored tint at the neck to distinguish it from its BPA bottles, and that's what I'm looking for. I've hunted Isetan and Parkson, but nada. All of them are Feeding Bottles. Haven't looked at Mothercare yet, but there's none in the website so I doubt if the store has it. Will try Robinsons next. Do you know where else I could find it?

Or maybe... I'll just use the ones I have dulu, then later after 6 months of using them baru tukar, cari lain (a chat friend of mine told me that the longest "safe" usage of bottles with BPA is at most 6 months). If I couldn't find Avent's BPA-free bottles by then, I would either go for Medela or any of these bottles then. Or do you have better suggestions? I really don't know as I'm very new in this area.

On the other hand...

What do you think of Graco car seat? I saw one at Isetan and it's suitable for newborn up to 4 years old. I can't find it online tho, so I don't know the reviews. Maxi-Cosi car seats yang ada kat Isetan are either for newborn till 1 year, or 9 months till 4 years old - nothing from newborn till more than 1 year. Or how about Combi? Britax is not available there. I asked the Sales Assistant for recommendation and her answer was, "All of the brands are recommended. That's why they're here".

Righttt. That didn't help much.

If possible, we would very much like to get a car seat from Isetan....
Your opinions and reviews are very much appreciated! :) I promise this would be the last need-your-opinion entry regarding baby gear.


Found it!

Here's the Graco car seat that I mentioned about, in the same exact color and model:
Graco Junior Mini Car Seat.

(I love the color!)


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