Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Unfulfilled Desire

I woke up to a dream I wish I didn't have.

It wasn't a bad dream; in fact it was the opposite. But it was a dream that's driving me crazyyy. It left me hankering for something that's far from possible to get.

I dreamt of Millie's Double Chocolate giant cookies and muffins that we once had on our honeymoon trip and also in Paris years ago. Aaahhh... it was sinful - the rich chocolatey taste, the big chocolate chunks found in every bite. It's THE BEST chocolate cookies and muffins ever.

Isk. If only there's an outlet here in Malaysia... *sigh*

I went to Marks & Spencer the other day looking for Millie's substitutes. There wasn't many choices of chocolate chip/chunk cookies so I just grabbed whatever I can find (including my fave chocolate digestive biscuit). But hmm... lainnn. Takde ummpph! I couldn't taste that "X factor" that I'm looking for in chocolate cookies, if you know what I mean.

Can anyone recommend me some really great-tasting, loaded with big chocolate chunks (especially cookies) - besides Famous Amos, Mrs. Fields and Bakin' Boys? This pregnant lady is crazily craving for one!


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