Monday, September 01, 2008

How To Choose a Breast Pump?

Okay Mommies, I need some help here on how to choose a breast pump. Or rather, how to choose an electric breast pump.

The other day when we went to the Parenthood Expo, I wasn't well-equipped with breast-pump knowledge at all, so you can imagine how totally "lost and confuse" I was when the SA showed me a few models (there was a booth selling Medela's feeding equipment). I've decided to get an electric pump, but I didn't know there were a few models to choose from! I thought it was purely a choice between manual or electric pumps and nothing else. I can't remember all of the models, except for the Mini Electric pump - I thought it was for those with small boobs!

Hubby was even more lost. He doesn't even know that breast pump existed. He said "Susah ke nak perah susu ek sampai nak kena guna pump? Kalau saya tolong buatkan tak boleh ke?". Uhh righttt.. I had a picture of him milking a cow when he said that.

Anyways, which brand should I choose - Avent or Medela? I heard great things about Medela, but when I came across this and this, I'm not so sure anymore. Especially the part regarding milk contamination:

"Medela breast pumps DO NOT have this protective feature....something very important to consider when purchasing a breast pump."

Should I choose Avent instead? The Avent ISIS iQ pump sounds cool. If anyone has experience using both brands, please share.

Secondly, how do I know if I need a single or double/twin pumps? I'm not working, so insyaAllah I'll be staying at home with my baby 24-7, if that's any help in choosing a breast pump.

Another thing, is it necessary to have a cooler bag carrier/icepack? Bcoz one of Medela's electric breast pump comes with the cooler bag carrier and the SA suggested to get that.

Oh, and is it best to purchase a breast pump before or after the baby arrives? Some say before, some say after. Saya keliru...


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